Aoi Naifu Series - Chef's Knife 9,5" by Nihonto

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Aoi Naifu Series - Chef's Knife 9,5" 

The Aoi Naifu Series has inherited the tradition of the Japanese sword maker "Shintōgo Kunimitsu" in the blade shapes used. You can find the different blades essential for cooking (Gyuto, Santoku, Nakiri, Office ...). The core steel used is high quality japanese steel V-Gold-10 manufactured by Takefu Industries. The handle has been designed to find harmony between sky and earth. It is made of a Blue Resine and Color Wood Handle resinous wood extended by a bolster which makes the union between the sharpened blade and the ergonomic handle.

Technical specifications

9.5 inch chef's knife

Total length : 377 mm
Blade length : 242 mm
Blade width : 49 mm
Blade thickness : 1.7 mm
Blade Material : Damascus steel 67 layers with VG10 Core Steel
Net weight : 234g