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Customer Reviews

It is now possible for you to send us your positive and negative comments and this allows us to evaluate and improve our website and our services.

In concrete terms, how does the online publication of our customer reviews work?

Once the order is validated and shipped, you will receive an email asking you to rate from 1 to 5 (from the minimum to the maximum score) the order placed on our site. It is possible for you to rate our site, our delivery time, the product ordered ... You can leave a completely free comment.
Negative comments are also published and are often the occasion to settle a late delivery, or any other dispute. These negative opinions are precious to us, because they allow us to know what and how to improve our services/products.
In all transparency, and in all reality it is not possible to satisfy everyone.

Even though we take great care of all the orders on our site, about 5% of the orders we process are not done as they should be.

And whether it is due to unavailability in stock or at the supplier's, a simple reference error, or a postman who does not leave the delivery notice in the customer's mailbox .... We accept constructive criticism and take it as a desire of our users to further improve our services.

Also we strive to satisfy you both by the choice of our products, as well as on the explanations and descriptions given on the site. And especially in the global approach of information of the follow-up of the customer order.

Finally this solution of "customer reviews" is a source of information and is part of a global approach to improve this site and what it offers.